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Bayern stretches the gap with Leipzig to 13 points in their fight for the Bundesliga

Sometimes there are goals more important than the victory itself. Thomas Müller goal to Borussia Monchengladbach gave Bayern the three points but above all, the goal allows Carlo Ancelotti’s side to face the crucial moment of the season in a privileged position. However, after Leipzig’s defeat last Saturday to Bremen, the Bavarian team increases the difference with its closest rival to 13 points.

Therefore, Bayern has the Bundesliga situation under control and can focus in the quarter-final tie of the Champions League, where they have the difficult mission to eliminate Real Madrid, current champion. A situation that Ancelotti celebrates, although he doesn’t want his players to relax: “I’m satisfied the team is playing at a great level. That’s the way we must keep until the end of the season if we want to be in the fight for any title. Now we should be at our best level”, said the manager.

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