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Historic win at Camp Nou and straight to the Cup final

Carlo Ancelotti puts Real Madrid on the verge of a new title after beating Barcelona 0-4 on a memorable night for Los Blancos.

Ancelotti’s Real Madrid alleviated doubts and edged Barcelona out of its way toward the Cup final. It was an exercise of power on the day and at the right time. The return of the Cup semifinals demanded the best, and Ancelotti’s men were excellent.

Not only did they come back from 0-1 in the first leg, but they also made it clear that they are above Barça by signing a memorable second half. Three goals from Benzema and the first one to break the deadlock from Vinicius left Real on the brink of winning a new title on 6 May against Osasuna. They sealed a fact for history: Real’s biggest win at Camp Nou since 1963 (1-5).

Ancelotti, who will play his 27th final and compete for his twenty-sixth title, explained what happened this way: “It was a complete game; otherwise, you won’t win here. The boiler has returned to temperature. When that happens, we do it well. The first goal was crucial. It is not my claim to anything, and I am lucky to coach a great club. We haven’t changed more than a few details regarding the Clásicos we lost, which we shouldn’t have done.”

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