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Napoli draws against Genoa and is now focusing on Arsenal

Ancelotti’s team, second in the Calcio League, remains 7 points ahead of Inter. 

Napoli couldn’t get a better result than a draw (1-1) at San Paolo against Genoa, in a match in which they had the better chances but couldn’t win the match thanks a to a good Radu (keeper), and because they lacked precision in the last yards. A point that, nevertheless, serves to remain leaving Inter at 7 points, a team that is menacing their second position. 

The score, just before the visit to Arsenal, didn’t leave Ancelotti very happy: “We didn’t defend well and we didn’t have control of the game”, said the coach who gave a warning to his players before the Europa League match: “We need to do things well again and that starts with defending”. 

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