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Ancelotti joins the Bavarian traditions: beer and Lederhosn

Carlo Ancelotti enjoyed this morning of one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Bayern Munich. Just after the training and as it does every season at this time, the first team of Bayern changed for a few hours his boots and shorts by Lederhosn, traditional Bavarian costume with which each year are photographed with on Paulaner in hand, two days before the start of the Oktoberfest, the great celebration of the city and renowned event worldwide.
Wearing his Lederhosn, the shirt and traditional Bavarian shoes, Ancelotti enjoyed the family photo that put the finishing touch to the event promoted by Paulaner. Beers up and shouting Pross! the coach was pleased with this act that brings him a little closer to the Bavarian culture and traditions: “It’s a new experience, it’s fun. It also feels good”, joked  Ancelotti that recall he had already been once in the Oktoberfest”: I have a great memory. It was unforgettable”.
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