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Ancelotti: “We are very excited: it is the most important football match”

The Real Madrid coach analyzed the Champions League final at the UEFA Open Media Day.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the media in Valdebebas. In a 40 minutes press conference, Carlo gave a detailed review of the final Los Blancos will play against Liverpool next Saturday (9:00 p.m., La1 and Movistar Champions League) at the Stade de France in Paris. A review in which he shared all the enthusiasm and responsibility they feel before the grand Champions League final, but he ran from obsessions and euphoria.

“We prepare for the game calmly focused on what we have and want to do. We are excited and motivated. We are playing the most important game in football, and we will give it all. This club has won a lot, and all Madridistas are proud of this team. And we, who are inside, also enjoy it”, admitted Ancelotti.


“The feeling at this moment is to enjoy and prepare it well. The team is tranquil, with a good atmosphere, and the closer we get to the match, the more worry will come. The competition in Europe is going to increase every year. Many teams have the goal of winning the Champions League. Playing a final is already a success with all the competition around us. The fact that Madrid has reached the final several times in the last eight years is already a success, and they can win another one”.

Is it more challenging to win the League or the Champions League?

“Winning is difficult, either the League or the Champions League, and they are two different competitions. In the Champions League, you cannot make a mistake, and in a League, you have time to recover if you lose a game”.

Does Real Madrid deserve to win?

“If we deserve to win the Champions League, it’s because of what we do in the final. We deserved to reach the final for what we have done in the previous rounds, especially for the commitment. We have not displayed exceptional quality, but none has beaten us in commitment and motivation. This is not enough to win the Champions League; you have to play well and have the same commitment and motivation in the final”.

 The worst moment before the final?

“For me, the most difficult moment is the 3-4 hours beforehand. It is physical discomfort. This season has cost me a little more, with increased sweating and heartbeat. With negative thinking, but fortunately everything by the time the match starts”.

 Being the first coach to win four Champions

“It would be a great success for me, but I know that anything can happen in a final. I’m not obsessed with individual titles.”

Today marks the eighth anniversary of La Décima

“If we have to compare the 2014 pre-match with this one, that was one with a lot more pressure, and Madrid had not won the Champions League for many years. Now Real Madrid is also motivated, but with less obsession, which can give us an advantage”.

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