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Napoli beat FC Zürich and gets to the Last 16 stage of the Europa League

Ancelotti did it again against the Swiss team and qualified with a global score of 5-1. 

Napoli confronted the match of the Round of 32 of the Europa League with an advantage of 3-1. A match in which Napoli could have shown some relaxation. Nevertheless, the Napolitans made a great match, they won 2-0 at San Paolo against FC Zürich and qualified for the Last 16 stage of the Europa League. “There is always a risk of underestimating these kind of matches, but our attitude was excellent today”, said Ancelotti. 

Napoli didn’t concede a single goal again, clean sheet. It’s the fifth time in the last 7 games. This is a sample of the player’s implication. ” I expect much more from our strikers because they are extremely talented. Nevertheless, I must say they are performing quite well when it comes to defending”, said Carlo.

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