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Napoli drew against Milan in Ancelotti’s return

Carlo highlighted how special it is for him to return to San Siro. 

Ancelotti returned to what was his home during 8 seasons and couldn’t celebrate it with a win. Napoli drew (0-0) in a very disputed match that was a constant fight for midfield control. Napoli improved on the second half and could have scored. “We gave away the first half but on the second half we had plenty of chances”, said Carlo. 

The match was marked by the presence of Ancelotti. The Italian coach came back to San Siro and the tifosi rossoneros welcomed him with great affection. They wanted to thank him for the good moments that Carlo made them live when he coached AC Milan. “It’s always special to return here. I never want to play against Milan”, said the coach from Reggiolo. 

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