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The beginning of a succesful era

On this same day, 16 years ago Carlo Ancelotti debuted on the Serie A with Milan. The rest is history: 8 Titles (including 2 Champions League) and more than 400 matches as the ‘rossonero’ coach.

It was 15.00 pm on November 18, 2001. A young Carlo Ancelotti, who was beginning to shine as a coach, had just started working as a coach for Milan and was just about to debut on the Serie A with the “Rossoneros”. A match that marked the beginning of a period, perhaps the most laureate stage of the Italian giants in the last decades.
On that day, Milan couldn’t win against Piacenza and ended up with a draw. Nevertheless, time has proved that that afternoon’s score was trivial. The Tifosi who were on the crowd of San Siro witnessed Carlo Ancelotti’s first match as a coach. A match that changed the recent history of the club and of course, the career of Ancelotti.

8 Titles and more than 400 matches

The Italian coach began to forge what would become the most succesful stage as a coach. Directing Milan, Ancelotti conquered 8 titles. On top of any other title he won two Champions League (2003 and 2007). Nevertheless, we musn’t forget he also won a Serie A (2004), an Italian Cup (2003), Italian Supercup (2004), Two European Supercups (2003-2007) and a Club World Cup in 2007.

A stage that lasted 8 seasons. On that time, Carlo managed 420 matches as Milan’s coach achieving 238 wins (57% of the matches). Numbers that took Ancelotti to become one of the most succesful coaches of Milan.
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