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The German champion is underway

Carlo Ancelotti´s second season at the helm of Bayern of Munich has already begun. This Saturday, the Bavarian club has returned to training to start a demanding preseason and loaded with matches.

Once the relevant medical tests have been carried out, Bayern will start training at Säbener Straße. They will be weeks of great physical burden in which the future of Ancelotti’s second year in Munich will be marked. The first of ten pre-season friendlies will take place on 6 July against Wolfratshausen. Days later, the Erlangen-Bruck will be the team testing the evolutions of the German champion.

With two weeks of work and in mid-July, Bayern will play the Telekom Cup against Hoffenheim, Borussia and Werner Bremen. On 16 July , and just after the Telekom Cup, Ancelotti´s team will begin their tour of China. 12 days of work in the Asian country where they will play 4 matches that are framed within the International Champions Cup. A summer tournament that congregates the best teams of the world. Arsenal (19 July), Milan (22 July), Chelsea (25 July) and Inter (27 July) will be the rivals.

On 28 July, the Audi Summer Tour China will come to an end and Bayern will return to Germany for the Audi Cup (1 and 2 August). It will be the last tournament before the start of the official competition and the time when Ancelotti carries out the latest tests with his team. Liverpool, Atletico and Naples are the teams invited to the 2017 edition of the Audi Cup.

On August 5, and more than a month after the start of the preseason Bayern will fight for the first official title of the course, the German Super Cup against Borussia Dortmund. Ancelotti´s men are the current champions and expect to start the 2017/18 season in the best possible way, winning.

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