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Ancelotti happy and motivated to meet Real Madrid again

The International Champions Cup is bringing back fond memories to Carlo Ancelotti, who in the first game of the tournament had a chance to play against ‘his’ AC Milan, this Wednesday (19.30 local time / 1.30 CEST) will be Real Madrid, his former club before taking charge of Bayern.

A very special reunion for Ancelotti, who conquered the tenth Champions League for Real Madrid, a milestone that has earned the Italian the respect and undying affection of fans. “It will be great to meet with them again” admitted the coach, who claims to have “an excellent relationship with all who were my players.” In addition, Ancelotti will also face his assistant manager at the time in Madrid, now head coach of Real Madrid: “Zidane already showed abilities and has proven to be a great coach”.

Apart from the sentimental aspect, Ancelotti again stressed the great work of his team this preseason: “We are doing things very well and the important thing is to continue this way to improve. We want to fight for all the titles and we must be well prepared. ” In this sense, the Bayern coach has clear what is the first step to success: “When you arrive to a club, the first aim is to build a good relationship with the players.” That said, Ancelotti warned everyone: “There is no revolution to make because Guardiola did a great job. I hope the players do not forget what they learned”.

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